"Those who wait on the Lord, will renew their strength,
they shall mount up with wings like eagles"         Isaiah 40:31

ELCA Synod Assembly 2016

Grace Lutheran Church
Worship is at the heart of who Grace is…
Holy Communion is shared each Sunday
8:30am and 10:30am services during the school year
9:00am only in the summer (Starting May 27, 2018)
(Fall Services resume September 9, 2018)

All are Welcome!
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Worship the Lord with gladness…
God’s steadfast love endures forever

                                                                             Psalm 100


Mid-Week Lenten Services.
Thank you to Pastor Brian Bankert and to the people of Trinity Lutheran Church who have planned and will lead our Wednesday evening worship times during Lent. Our heartfelt thanks to you for this gift.

Each Wednesday Evening through March 21 at 6:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary we will explore and gain new insights as we journey through the Passion Story during the mid week worship services of Lent. Friends and family from Trinity and Grace will gather together using Holden Evening Prayer Around the Cross which includes an invitation to light candles and pray at the foot of the cross. Come and open your lives to God.

Lenten Worship Opportunity
At Linwood Place (Fox Valley Lutheran Homes), we are looking at “Making Change” in our midweek Lenten worship. Although we long for the expected and familiar, all too often we find ourselves in the midst of uncertainty.  We will be exploring change of circumstances (March 7), change of heart (March 14), and change of plans (March 21), before we conclude our midweek Lenten series on Maundy Thursday.  Our services are at 11:30am, all are welcome!

Holy Week
   Worship 8:30 and 10:30
   11:30 am at Fox Valley Lutheran Homes with
   a light lunch to follow.  6:30 pm Worship at Grace with Trinity
   12:15 pm ELCA Combined Worship at Grace
   Worship at 8:30 am and 10:30 am
   Easter Breakfast between services starting at 9:30 am
   Please come and join us!! All are welcome!!

More Information
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Building Mission!
In December 2016, Trinity Lutheran Church, Appleton moved weekday activities to Grace. Salvation Church of God, a Hmong speaking congregation, has worshiped at Grace on Saturday mornings for over 12 years. 3 churches, 1 roof! God is good.
Check out the video HERE.

Flock to Bethlehem

December 17, 2017  The Sunday School students led our worship with the Christmas story.

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Sunday School 2017!

The kids are excited to be back in Sunday School. Our theme this year is 'Owl Always Love Jesus.' The kids worked on helping to make an owl bulletin board with their names on owls.


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Grace Sunday School children celebrated Reformation Sunday by reading a story about Martin Luther, recreating the Luther Seal, and singing "Here I Stand" during church service.

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2017 Grace Picnic

The Tailgate Picnic held on August 19 was a huge success! Thanks to all who organized the event, grilled and served food and and provided live music.

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Palm Sunday 2017
Sunday school students celebrated Palm Sunday by making palm leaves and enjoying Empty Tomb rolls with a disappearing marshmallow. Then students sang Hosana during the second service.

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A greeting from Pastor Dan
I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know you. I already know a fair number of you but I am really anxious to get to know the rest of you. Please help me out for a while with your names. 

We are moving to a new beginning – Easter. So it is with us, we are moving to a new beginning! I am returning to active ministry after a brief rest and you are beginning a new experience with another pastor. May God guide us together as we move and grow together.

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Baskets of Promise Lenten Service Project.

The congregation collected enough supplies to assemble 24 kits!

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Polka Sunday 7/17/2016

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Crossways Day Camp 2016
Held July 5 – 8.  Camp was sponsored by First English, Grace, Our Savior, Prince of Peace, Trinity Zion and Families First Ministry. 

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Grace Quilters
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